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The Communication process

The Communication process
Nov. 6, 2022, 10:37 a.m.

The communication Process means the exchange of facts or ideas between persons. This process consists of seven major components of communication such as

(1) sender

(2) thoughts

(3) encoding

(4) communication channel

(5) recipient

(6) interpreting and

(7) criticism.


1. Sender

The person who would like to pass ideas and information to others is known as the beginner of communication or sender. In this case, the sender plays a crucial role as he/she starts the communication.

2. Thoughts

Ideas are the tools that stimulate persons to share detailed information with prospective persons with opinions, attitudes, feelings, and views. 

3. Encoding

Communication is a theoretical and intangible matter that needs certain words and actions to proceed with the whole process. 

4. Communication Channel

The individual who is inquisitive about communicating should select the channel for sending the desired data, thoughts, etc. This data is transmitted to the recipient through certain channels which may be either formal or casual.

5. Recipient

The recipient is the individual who gets the message or for whom the message is implied. It is the recipient who tries to get the message in the best possible manner in accomplishing the specified goals.

6. Interpreting

The individual who gets the message or image from the communicator tries to change over the same in such a way so that he may extricate its meaning to his total understanding.

7. Feedback

Input is the method of guaranteeing that the collector has gotten the message and caught on within the same sense as the sender implied it.