Xtreme Steels Limited

Company Details :
  • Location : Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Website: http://xtremesteels.com
  • Mobile : 01770536912
  • Email : career@xtremesteels.com

About us :

Xtreme Steels is a state-of-the-art integrated steel plant that incorporates the latest innovative technologies in manufacturing, efficiency and sustainability, to deliver the high quality products, services and solutions that you need for your business to thrive today and tomorrow.

Based in the industrial sector of Bangladesh, Xtreme Steel produces home-grown high quality steel products that are shipped and used across the world and delivered into major global markets, for the construction, engineering and energy sectors.

At Xtreme Steel, we are committed to refining our manufacturing processes and creating steel sustainably and safely, whilst supporting the growth of the non-oil heavy industry sector of Bangladesh.

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