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Return Policy

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Retun & Refund Policy

Any course purchase on the Chartered Skills may be eligible for a refund for a period of time (in each case, the “Refund Period”).  To receive a refund during the Refund Period (10 DAYS FROM PURCHASE), simply contact Chartered Skills SUPPORT – with your order number and personal info from the user profile, and the refund will be processed automatically. Refunds will be credited to the payment account used for the purchase and may take up to two billing cycles to process.  If the applicable Refund Period for purchase has passed, but you believe a refund is warranted, please submit a support ticket via the form on this page below.

In case after your payment you could not access your courses then please submit a support ticket via the Contact us form. We will sort out your issue within 24 hours to 48 hours. If we could not give you access within the period then we will refund your payment in 10 days.  And for refund, if any extra charge will need that we will carry. 

If the course you purchased is not what you were expecting, you can request, within three days of your purchase of the content, that Chartered Skills apply a refund to your account. We reserve the right to apply your refund to your original payment method, at our discretion, depending on the capabilities of our payment service providers, the platform from which you purchased your content (website, mobile, or TV app), and other factors. However, if the content you previously purchased is disabled for legal or policy reasons, you are eligible to get a refund. Chartered Skills also reserves the right to refund students beyond the 3-day limit in cases of suspected or confirmed account fraud.

To request a refund, follow the steps here. As detailed in the Instructor Terms, instructors agree that students have the right to receive these refunds.

At our discretion, if we believe you are abusing our refund policy, such as if you’ve consumed a significant portion of the content that you want to refund or if you’ve previously refunded the content, we reserve the right to deny your refund, restrict you from other future refunds, ban your account, and/or restrict all future use of the Services. If we ban your account or disable your access to the content due to your violation of these Terms or our Trust & Safety Guidelines, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. Additional information on our refund policy is available here.

How to get a refund

  1. At first, you need to request for refund by Fill this form, and here you need to mention the order id.
  2. Get your order ID. You can get them in the ‘orders‘ section of your Statment Dashboard. For example- CSENR-1008212158

You may not get a refund if-

  1. You request a refund without completing at least  10% of the course.
  2. You buy the course (or access to the course) from any third-party seller.
  3. You request a refund after completing 100% of the course (once your certificate is already issued).
  4. We do not consider your reasons honest or eligible enough.


Refund Request Form

We are sorry you are not quite happy with the course and demanding a refund. Please let us know in details what went wrong or why you didn't like the course. The more detailed your feedback is, the easier it will be for us to consider your request.

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