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Instructor Terms

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Chartered Skills Limited is an online platform where anyone can provide online courses or training as long as they have several years of experience in specific subjects. It provides an excellent opportunity for the professionals of Bangladesh and other countries to share their knowledge and experiences. Here you can share courses on any topic, but we will verify first. At Chartered Skills, you can become an instructor at zero cost and earn up to 30% of the revenue share or a fixed remuneration per class. And we will promote your course on other platforms. The instructor should be committed to taking the class for around 15-20 hours per week.

Instructor policy

  1. The instructor should provide the correct information in the form of a contract paper. 
  2. The instructor can sell his course to chartered skills and take the money at a time. After that, he has no claim to that particular course. 
  3. The instructor can sell off his course and doesn’t take the money at a time. Chartered skills can sell the course and give a particular percentage to them. That percentage will be mentioned in the legal form of the contract with Chartered skills. 
  4. If any kind of document is forgery against the contract, Chartered skills can take action against them. 
  5. They can take their payment at once or two in an installment, and it will be through Account paycheck, Bkash, or in cash which is preferable to them.