Basic Spoken English For Kids

Basic Spoken English  For Kids
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Course Overview

    Our most powerful and intensive online English language course.

    It is a must-have English language course for complete beginners in English, who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English language in the shortest time possible.  

    The killer advantages of English language course LOGUS that blow the competition out of the water:  

    It is not a short basic course in the English language. It is a full beginner to intermediate course of spoken English. It is specifically designed to help you build all the necessary skills for real-life day-to-day use.   

    It is a 100% animated and interactive spoken English language course, which makes it very fun to use.   

    You get over 77 hours of intensive spoken English language practice. Each English language lesson lasts about 1 hour and a half.   

    It is a 100% communicative intensive spoken English language course. You speak the English language all the time and you say over 2000 English words in each lesson.    

    LOGUS doesn't teach you separate English words. You learn everything only in the context.    

    LOGUS is the only online video course obsessed with perfecting your speech fluency. What good is your knowledge of English grammar and words if you can't speak English fluently? Your fluency is our number 1 priority.   

    English grammar is explained in an extremely simple and intuitive way, with tons of examples and many hours of listening and speaking practice. 

    Needless to say, all English words and English grammar are translated into your native language. 



    • A computer, or a tablet, or a phone with good speakers or headphones. (So you can hear the pronunciation very clearly).
    • Absolutely no previous knowledge of English is necessary.
    • 4 hours a week to speak English when you won't be disturbed.
    • Very positive attitude

Who this course is for

    • It is a must-have English course for complete beginners, who want to reach the intermediate level of spoken English in the shortest time possible.

What you’ll learn

    • You will learn over 1000 vital English words, expressions and idioms, and how to use them in real life.
    • You will learn the most important English grammar with tons of English-speaking practice.
    • You will learn to think in English and to speak English fluently. (in Intermediate level)
    • You will learn to read in English and to spell English words intuitively
    • You will learn to understand movies and TV shows in English.

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Course Outline

This course includes:

  • Start at: April 29, 2022
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