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Why is certification important?

Chartered Skills Membership
  • 1. Independent Academic Certification

Independent certification of completion from a major Bangladesh university provides external validation for all courses completed.

  • 2. Enhance Your Career

Chartered Skills courses are focused on practical skills giving you the tools to go further in your careers.

  • 3. Find a Job

With practical skills and university certification, you are ready to find your dream job through our global job portal Chartered Skills Jobs.

How to Get Validated?

Chartered Skills Membership

Complete 4 Modules

Each course has 4 modules (with 8-10 classes) of content taking you from basic to advanced knowledge of the subject matter

Chartered Skills Membership

Take all assignments

Each Module has an end of Module assignment where you will get a result. The result of all 4 Module assignments is your final result

Chartered Skills Membership

Verify Vertificate

You can get a Verity certificate on our website by using your certificate number. If you wish a hard copy, please contact