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Agricultural technology, in short agritech, is the use of technology to produce more products with less resources and to make farming process efficient from field monitoring to supply chain. Agritech also includes AI, robotics and gene-edited organisms. However, the change of climate has reduced production of crops and the growing number of population has increased demand of food. Eventually, the basic need of food is in danger. So, to feed more people, more food is required. And water plays most vital role to grow produce, but the low water level of earth will not be able to feed huge number of population in future. To conclude the scarcity of food, robotics, a branch of agritech, will give an impact on upcoming future if we take steps from now. There is huge agritech cluster in Israel who has limited natural resources. But they are doing great in agritech. This course has a great impact for future food sector. You can go through this and gain technical knowledge which you can use to contribute in agricultural sector without hampering nature.