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AI & Robotics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science which  involves developing computer programs to complete tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. AI algorithms can do learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and/or logical reasoning. AI algorithms are used in Google searches, Amazon's recommendation engine, and GPS route finders. Robotics is a branch of technology that works with physical robots. Robots are programmable machines which are usually able to carry out a series of actions autonomously, or semi-autonomously. The Robotic engineer can take up the following job profiles after completing their graduation. They can get placed as robotics test engineers, analysts, robot design engineers, Robotics system engineer, senior robotics specialist, robotics technicians, Robotics programmer, Aerospace robotics engineer, quality assurance technician, etc. Our future is fully dependent on artificial intelligence and robotics and with the knowledge of it we can achieve a great day ahead. Charted skills have different courses on AI and robotics which can help you to go with trend.