Advance Skills On Spoken English

Advance Skills On Spoken English
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Course Overview

    Spoken English means the competence of speaking English language in formal and informal situation for communication. Now it is considered as prestige in non-English speaking nation and as the way of getting good job. That is why, people tend to achieve this ability to improve personal and professional value. Moreover, public are learning spoken English through various ways whether they are right or wrong. If the ways are less effective, learners get less output and once they get stopped themselves. However, the most reliable and effective way is imitation technique through which millions of learners have been benefited tremendously. While they undergo a course by doing regular practice, they are benefited rapidly. After all, the aim of this course is to transform learners into fluent speaker by adapting with imitation technique. Besides, our intensive care makes sure strong base and learners feel free to speak English.



    • It will start from the basics. So, it needs no requirement.

Who this course is for

    . Students who are weak in English and will do IELTS next

    . Migrants who think, their basic level is not up the mark.

    . Employees who need promotion.

    . Fresher and jobseeker.

    . Most essential for freelancer.

    . Parents who would like to teach their children spoken English.

    . All most every walks of people who love to speak English.


What you’ll learn

    . 2500 vocabulary.

    . 250 structures of sentences.

    . Basics of spoken.

    . How to talk in formal & informal situation.

    . How to deliver speech before audience.

    . How to deliver presentation.

    . How to face interview.

    . How to modify sentences from simple to standard.

    . How to present complex idea in a simple way.


Why Charterd Skills

    Chartered Skills is a quality professional e-learning & hiring platform. We Provide Versatile skill-oriented courses which really touch one’s goal. We also ensure freedom for entrepreneurs, the job for job seekers ecstasy for professional people. There are membership facilities in a wide range of categories for those who have completed courses from chartered skills and are already professional degree achievers from other institutions. You Can turn yourself into an asset than a liability by achieving skills for yourself, your family, society, and your nation. We are with you to make your journey comfortable.

    On top of these, we offer e-study and online job facilities. Besides, our expert professional team members assist every single docile learner in gaining skills and in executing the skill in professional life. Since the job sectors are becoming more and more challenging, our dynamic courses help make room for the upcoming challenges. Overall, it is e-learning, earning, and hiring professional platform that significantly impacts leadership globally.


Ariful Alam

Professional IELTS Trainer

Course Outline

    1. “Be Verbs” in conversation.

    2. “Have Verbs” in conversation.

    3. “Do Verbs” in conversation.

    4. It & There in conversation.

    5. Present Simple in conversation.

    6. Past Simple in conversation.

    7. Future simple in conversation.

    8. Present continuous. 

    9. Past continuous.

    10. Future continuous.

    11. Present perfect

    12. Past perfect.

    13. Future perfect.

    14. Present perfect continuous.

    15. Past perfect continuous.

    16. Future perfect continuous.

    17. Modals in conversation

    18. Passive in conversation.

    19. Degree in conversation.

    20. Preposition in conversation.

    21. Causative in conversation.

    22. Presentation 

    23. Revision.

    24. Assessment Test.


Shajeeb Haider

One of the best courses for spoken English, I enjoyed it

This course includes:

  • Start at: March 31, 2022
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  • Professional Resources
  • Personal Mentor Support
  • Student Support Community
  • Certificate of completion
Tk. 6000.0

Tk. 5000.0

Duration: 16
(3 Class/Week)
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