Advance Skills in Corporate Governance

Advance Skills in Corporate Governance
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Course Overview

    This certificate course is jointly organized by IBER of United International University & Chartered Skills. The program will be held on United International University (UIU) Campus.

    If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, corporate executive, or director you will need to have knowledge of the following to do your job properly and give yourself the best chance of success:

    • Company Affairs
    • Corporate Governance
    • Secretarial Practice
    • How to run a sustainable business
    • Risk management
    • Company structure
    • Company Law
    • Securities Laws
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Regulatory Work Procedure


    These are interesting and essential topics and all are covered in this course from basics to advanced levels with the right amount of detail.

    We also cover more specialist areas such as how a board meeting works, the composition and roles at the senior level, practical tips for getting on the board, how committees function, and how you can use these to further your career.

    That's why you should take this course! Everything you need is covered here with clear explanations and there are examples and case studies to help you on your way. We've also used animations and explainer videos to make things more fun and easier to understand! Everything is all based on own real-life personal experiences so this is what happens in practice, not theory. And we ensure you will find this course both enjoyable and extremely helpful for you!

    In this regard, creating expert, chartered skills has brought a comprehensive course, a combination of technical knowledge.


    • None, just an interest in the corporate world

Who this course is for

    • Corporate Affairs Department and Consultant
    • Those on a corporate career path
    • Business and corporate executives
    • Organizations who need to understand how corporate governance works
    • Risk and compliance professionals
    • Company share department
    • Directors and aspiring directors, non-executive directors
    • Become a Business Consultant and corporate affairs professional
    • Entrepreneurs and job seekers
    • VCs, start-ups, SMEs, and enterprise organizations
    • Anyone looking to accelerate their career development

What you’ll learn

    • Everything about corporate governance and company matters from the basics to advanced
    • About culture and ethics within an organization
    • Environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG)
    • How to make an impact in the corporate world and how to boost your career
    • How boards and board committees work
    • All about risk and risk management

Why Charterd Skills

    Chartered Skills is a quality professional e-learning & hiring platform. We Provide Versatile skill-oriented courses which really touch one’s goal. We also ensure freedom for entrepreneurs, the job for job seekers ecstasy for professional people. There are membership facilities in a wide range of categories for those who have completed courses from chartered skills and are already professional degree achievers from other institutions. You Can turn yourself into an asset than a liability by achieving skills for yourself, your family, society, and your nation. We are with you to make your journey comfortable.

    On top of these, we offer e-study and online job facilities. Besides, our expert professional team members assist every single docile learner in gaining skills and in executing the skill in professional life. Since the job sectors are becoming more and more challenging, our dynamic courses help make room for the upcoming challenges. Overall, it is e-learning, earning, and hiring professional platform that significantly impacts leadership globally.


Chartered Skills™ - United International University

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Course Outline

    1. ASCG101: Company Affairs & Secretarial Practice
    2. ASCG102: Corporate Governance & Company Law
    3. ASCG103: Securities Laws & Regulatory Affairs


This course includes:

  • Start at: Oct. 14, 2022
  • On Campus Classes
  • Professional Resources
  • Personal Mentor Support
  • Student Support Community
  • Certificate of completion
  • UIU Permanent Campus

Tk. 14500.0

Duration: 3 Months
(3 Class/Week)
14 Days Remaining
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